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Does Gold Tarnish?

Silver tarnishes, does gold? Tarnish is a nice way to say rust or oxidize. Silver changes color when exposed to the air and darkens.   It constantly needs to be polished. Gold is inert to most chemicals and does tarnish or oxidize. However, as gold is an alloy, metals used in the manufacture of gold may

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Investing in coins!

Should coins be cleaned or polished? Rule #1: Collectible coins should never be cleaned or polished! This includes silver polish or dip, polishing cloths or machine polishing Collectible coins are defined as coins in demand which are rare and hard to find.  Usually collectible coins are from times gone by or might be minted today

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Ever Try To Get A Round Tuit?

I remember being given a small round disc and on the back was written: “A Round Tuit”. For those how can’t seem to accomplish tasks or just procrastinate. I frequently think about this little disc and think how much it changed my life! I am looking into buying these Round Tuit’s for a special give

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