One to Three Months Salary for Engagement Ring?

One to three months salary for engagement ring? This is baloney.

The idea that a proportion of ones salary should be used to calculate the purchase price of an engagement ring is totally wrong. Please follow the rules I am sharing with you today.

Financial rules:

1. Save 10% of your net salary in a simple savings account until you have saved six months living expenses saved…AKA EMERGENCY FUND.
2. After you have a secure emergency fund and your credit cards are paid in full every month (you do not pay interest) you can start to save for vacations, gifts, an engagement ring etc!
3. Go shopping! Look at rings in stores, look online.
4. Talk to the person you want to get engaged to about the kind of jewelry they like.
5. Take them shopping (I know many people want this purchase to be a surprise, so ask friends and parents for advice.)
6 Once you find the style and know your budget then and only then is it time to go shopping in earnest.
7. At my store, I or one of my employees will guide you through the process of purchasing an engagement ring.
8. Come prepared! Bring pictures from bridal magazines or pictures of styles you like.
9. We will find or create for you the most perfect ring to fit your finger and budget.
10. If you have an old Diamond engagement ring, we can help you redesign it or cash it in for a newer purchase.
11. Never tell the store you are purchasing a a diamond from that you have something to sell, work out your best price on the new ring first.
12. Get offers from local jewelers.
13. If you have a GIA diamond certificate bring it with you because that will add about 10% to the price of the diamond.

At National Estate Jewelers we customize redesign and create unique and individual engagement rings. We can provide you with computer images and keep you updated as to the status of your ring as we get it through the manufacturing process.

Remember that National Estate Jewelry we make you an offer. An expert will never ask you how much you want that would be unethical to ask.
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