How Can You Become a Gemologist?

There are a few schools…

– Gemological Institute of America
– California Institute of Jewelry Training
– International Gem Society
– Jewelry Arts and Design College
– Santiago Canyon College
– European Gemological Laboratory
– Gemological Association of Great Britain
– Canadian Gemology Association

Before you choose a school you need to decide on your level of interest, as the tuition can easily be over $20,000 and possible over $30,000.

What Exactly Does a Gemologist Do? As a Gemologist you will be able to perform many functions. Gemology is the science of studying precious gemstones; and the trained professionals, whom conduct this studying, are gemologists. The main duties of gemologists are to identify gemstones and to grade, certify, and appraise them. However, it is not always as easy as it sounds, and they have many more jobs that they perform.

The schools will teach you how to identify and grade diamonds and colored stones, but they cannot teach pricing. If they did teach pricing that would be a form of price fixing and would be unethical. Pricing is learned by buying and selling not in a classroom.

Gemologists usually work in jewelry stores as appraisers or buyers, or sales people. If you are interested in becoming a gemologist you are welcome to contact me at

I attended the Gemological Institute of America in 1978 in residence in New York City. The course was six months long, Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. The only passing grade was 100%. My title is Graduate Gemologist or GG. Although it wasn’t imperative to go to school to become a gemologist…it was like getting 20 years hands on experience in six months. I would recommend it!

It is important that you experience many markets:
– Attend trade shows
– Go to exhibits
– Go to museums
– Go to Antique and estate show me shows
– Showing professional appraisal organizations

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