The Value of Foreign Coins and Currency

Do foreign coins and paper currency have value? The simple answer is yes and no! Very often clients bring in bags of foreign coins and paper currency. There are a few things to consider…

Are any of the coins gold, silver or another precious metal? First thing I do is separate out any coins which appear to be precious metal. Then, I research them to determine if they are a precious metal and if so I will refer to my reference sources to determine the metal value or numismatic value. Last week I found $600 worth of gold coins in a bag of common foreign coins.
After separating the gold, silver and precious metals I then look for any coins which have numismatic value. Most of the time we purchase the miscellaneous brass, cupro- nickel and copper for about $3 a pound.

Keep in mind that many foreign coins and currency have been demonetized. (No longer valid or use). If they haven’t been demonetized the only place which will they have monetary value is in the country which minted or circulated in. I have never found a company which exchanges foreign coins only paper currency. So, if you travel abroad, change all your foreign coins back into American dollars before you return to this country I do recommend also changing foreign currency back as the rates to change your paper money back into American dollars in this country will be very expensive.

The buyers at National Estate are professionals with extensive knowledge in coins, diamonds, watches and precious metals. We are also very knowledgeable in art work and fine antiques. House calls and bank appointments are available for large collections or important items.

So, if you have inherited coins or currency or have traveled abroad, you’re welcome to come in to my store with anything that you may think has value or even if it doesn’t.

Remember Tuesdays are free evaluation days!

At National Estate we never ask you how much you want, it is unethical for a professional to ask that question and push you in the position of guessing at its value very probably asking for much less than it’s actually worth. We always make you an offer!

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