Where Do Diamonds Come From?

Where do diamonds come from and how are they formed?

Diamonds are created in volcanic regions over hundred so or even thousands of years. Or more! They form from molten carbon under extreme conditions. 1165 degrees F to 2125 degrees F and under high temperature and pressure.

Diamonds are mined all over the world and millions of Carats are mined every year. Because diamonds are formed naturally, they almost always have imperfections! These can be various artifacts left behind by the process of diamond formation. They include black spots made from carbon. Green emeralds, rubies, sapphires. Even crystals of diamonds within the diamond. And although it is formed in a cubic system which looks like a pyramid on top of the pyramid, diamonds are usually misshapen making them very difficult to cut.

So, the way we determine an excellent diamond versus a lab created or synthetic diamond, is to determine if the artifacts left behind by the creation process are either natural artifacts or those left by the process of man-made manufacturers.

There are many diamonds which can be treated by high temperature and high-pressure or irradiated and forced to change to more fancy colored stones. The detection of these treatments and others have to be done by special instruments some of which use x-rays or Electro conductivity.

Diamond, which is the hardest substance known to man, can resist scratching but not breaking.

If you’re buying or selling a diamond only deal with a reputable company which gives you a receipt, an appraisal, or a certificate by one of the most well-known laboratories, for instance the gemological Institute of America.

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