Who’s The Boss?

Who are my clients? Or… who is my Boss?

People frequently ask me how it feels to be in my own business! My response is…actually I am not the Boss! My clients are in charge!

I once heard someone say if you treat your clients with respect and honor, you will have the lions share of their business! Think about it! I have been the owner of National Estate Jewelry Buyers since 1999 when I incorporated it! My business has grown many fold and now 3 distinctly different businesses operate under one roof: National Estate Jewelers, National Estate Jewelry Buyers, and Barrys Jewelry Loans.

We have clients not customers. My entire focus is client satisfaction. So I say thank you to my clients for 20 years of support. Please feel free to come in and meet with me or anyone on my team. We are here to serve you!

Tuesdays are free evaluation days!
We are located next to FedEx office on Route 18 in East Brunswick