Miami in January: My Yearly Trip to the Original Miami Beach Antique Show

Every year about this time I pack my best merchandise from My Store and send it by armored car to the Miami Beach antique show.

This year I had my best show ever with almost $300,000 in sales oh WOW!

The highest ticket items were vintage diamond jewelry engagement rings, fine watches, and period jewelry. The people I sold were mostly wholesale dealing in all these things from countries like England, Germany, Italy, Austria, Russia, and of course United States.

What is interesting is that no matter how many pieces I sold the first day I was busy every day of the show, continually selling more and more and more. I love coming down to Miami, this is one of my best shows of the year.

Although it’s much warmer down here today, the temperature went into the 50s at night and tomorrow it will only barely get out of the 50s into the mid 60s with cooler temperatures expected tomorrow night again.

Can’t wait to get back where I just moved into a new house about a month or so ago. So much to do and set up to make it a real home.

Remember Tuesdays are free of valuation days

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– Barry E Blank