Does Gold Tarnish?

Silver tarnishes, does gold?

Tarnish is a nice way to say rust or oxidize. Silver changes color when exposed to the air and darkens.   It constantly needs to be polished. Gold is inert to most chemicals and does tarnish or oxidize.

However, as gold is an alloy, metals used in the manufacture of gold may tarnish. For example, if silver is used in the production of Karat gold, the gold may appear to tarnish, but it is the silver that is tarnishing. The higher the Karat the fewer amounts of other metals are mixed in. So, higher Karat gold has less of a chance to tarnish then lower Karat gold.

The alloys in gold may also change color if your body chemistry changes. This is actually common when someone is sick or taking medication. If I recall correctly, the acidity of the skin reacts to the alloys in the gold may cause either the gold to change color or the skin to get irritated. So if  you notice a color change in your gold jewelry, you will know what might have happened.

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