Depositphotos_43712261_l-2015First of all, I want to define Estate Jewelry as any jewelry that was previously owned.
We use the word Estate. Instead of the word used.

Who wants used jewelry. Ie a used car. It doesn’t sound good

  • It might be 50 years old or brand new.
  • it becomes estate jewelry when the owner decides to sell it.
  • If you buy new jewelry today and sell it becomes Estate Jewelry

Is Estate jewelry expensive?

That depends on a number of things.

  1. is the jewelry manufactured by a famous person or company (Tiffany, Cartier, Salvatore Dali, Georg Jensen etc)
  2. the karat and weight of the gold or precious metal. (Gold, platinum, palladium, silver)
  3. the size and number and grade of diamonds or precious stones
  4. the design
  5. supply and demand

We at National Estate price our jewelry at prices below the cost to manufacture it.

Our prices are far below retail prices.

Every item is unique.

Older jewelry is very well made.

The style of our jewelry is vintage from many different eras

Contemporary, mid-century, deco, Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, and more

We stand behind every piece of jewelry we sell

We also carry Estate watches and vintage diamond rings

And custom create engagement diamond rings

Tuesday’s are free evaluation days

Remember we at National Estate make you an offer

We will never ask you how much you want

It is unethical for a professional to ask

and try to trap you into asking a price

below the market value

We are located on RT 18 I east Brunswick next to FedEx office


Or on the web at. TOP PRICES 4 GOLD DOT COM

Barry E Blank President National Estate Jewelers Ltd.