Ever Try To Get A Round Tuit?


I remember being given a small round disc and on the back was written: “A Round Tuit”.

For those how can’t seem to accomplish tasks or just procrastinate.

I frequently think about this little disc and think how much it changed my life!

I am looking into buying these Round Tuit’s for a special give away contest.

I will tell you more about these discs and the contest next week!

Going forward….. getting a round Tuit …..

It is said that Well begun is half done!


Eat a live toad every day and nothing worse will happen to you all day.

This means you accomplish the most difficult task first thing every day

(the task which will avoid the most harm or benefit if done first)

So how does this apply to What’s it worth?

Everybody has a junk draw in their bedroom!

So when you get a Round Tuit.  Empty that drawer and find anything that looks like gold or silver and if you haven”t wore or used it in 2 or more years bring it into

my store … National Estate Jewelry Buyers and we will be happy to tell you what

it is worth to us…….

And Vwalla you just have gotten a Round Tuit…..

remember at National Estate,  We make you an offer
We never ask you how much you want,
It is unethical for a professional to try to trick you into asking for a low price…..

Tuesdays are free evaluation days…

National Estate located on Route 18 in East Brunswick next to FedEx office


or on the Web at Top Prices 4 Gold dot Com