Guideline for Knowing When to Sell Precious Metals




Living in the present moment is so important!

In the present moment, there is no stress!

Stress only exists when you worry about the future or live in the past.

How does this apply to my business of buying and selling?

People often ask me should Sell today or will the prices go up?

Often trying to lead me and say metals always go up…..  NOT TRUE!

Monday Gold dipped below $1200 an ounce, Silver is now around $15 an ounce and Platinum is less than $800 an ounce…..

Last year I made an offer of $145.000.00  on a large lot of silver

the night before we were going to make the deal, his friend told him that silver was definitely

going up!

Although I cautioned him that this might not be the case he postponed the sale for 3 weeks.

He lost over twenty thousand dollars…

The moral of this story is you know what you have today and usually the precious metal market doesn’t change much but it certainly can.

Guide for knowing when to sell precious metals:

  1. Set a date and plan to sell by or on that date!
  2. Never wait until you are short of cash to sell!
  3. Get recommendations from friends about People or businesses that buy!
  4. Don’t try to time the market!  there will always be fluctuations.
  5. Never do business with a person who asks how much you want!
  6. Never sell when you feel pressured!
  7. Always ask for a detailed receipt!
  8. Never allow your possessions out of your sight when selling!
  9. Trust your instincts
  10. Not only should you check Internet reviews, You should also remember to leave a review for the company you worked with

Tuesdays are free evaluation days

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