What’s it worth? A DIAMOND IS FOREVER


A marketing slogan invented by the ad agency N.W. Ayer for DeBeers (The Diamond syndicate) in the 1940’s.


This was an extremely successful campaign. Its purpose was to link Diamonds to romantic love. The meaning of A Diamond is Forever is that a diamond is a never-ending sign of love.

A Diamond is Forever is a phrase that is known worldwide.

What are the most important factors, when selecting a diamond?

Beauty and sparkle!

I know everyone has heard of the 4 C’s

and I agree that the characteristics of a diamond are important,
Just don’t forget to look at the diamond and not just its specifications

So what are the 4 C’S and what do they mean?

Carat weight how much does the diamond weigh?
there are 100 points in a carat

Cut The shape of the diamond.
The most popular is Round Brilliant.
Other shapes include pear shape, marquise, oval, emerald cut, radiant

Color-Diamonds are graded from colorless (Color D the rarest color and most expensive)
to deeper shades of yellow ( Color Z)
After Z the color is then considered Fancy and the price goes up.

Clarity Freedom from imperfections graded with 10 power magnification these imperfections can be either inside the diamond or on the surface. the grades are

IF Internally flawless
VVS Very Very Slight inclusions
VS Very slight inclusions
SI Small inclusions
I Imperfect

The closer to IF the more expensive the diamond

So how do you choose?

My advice

Always chose a diamond within your budget this is so important!
Go to a Jeweler you feel comfortable with and has been recommended
Do not use the formula of one months salary for how much you should spend

The best money saving diamond is going to be one with a color grade from G to I
and with a clarity grade of SI to I1

This decision is a personal one and will vary depending on each person and their desires.

I will be happy to guild you in your diamonds purchase

At National Estate Jewelers we listen to your request and will do our best to match you with the most perfect diamond and custom Ring mounting.

All diamonds will be accompanied with an insurance appraisal and a Certificate from the Gemological Institute of America.

Please feel free to call and schedule an appointment with myself or one of our Gemologists

Tuesdays are free evaluation days

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