Local Jewelry Appraisals


If you have something to get done give it to the busiest person you know

House calls for local jewelry appraisals are very important to my business and my clients

I consider it  a service which National Estate Jewelers provides at no charge

I do home visits bank vault appointments for both appraising and purchasing

I carry a full Gemological laboratory with me to test gold and gemstones

There is never a fee for a house call when I am purchasing

I do charge a fee when I’m doing insurance or other types of appraisals and we will discuss this fee before I come to your Home

I have purchased entire coin collections and recently I Purchased contents of a jewelry store which closed Many years and  a private home

Please feel free to call for appointment house call appointment Hours are flexible to meet with clients needs

Remember that National Estate jewelry buyers we never ask you how much you want
It is unethical for a professional to ask!

Tuesdays are free evaluation days  in My store

July madness continues with wholesale blow out prices On costume and Sterling jewelry

National estate jewelry buyers is located on route 18 in East Brunswick next to FedEx office

732-257 GOLD