The title of the yearbook was Our Crowd with a denim colored cover


I recently looked at my high school yearbook. The title of the yearbook was Our Crowd with a denim colored cover. Below my picture was one of my favorite quotes! “The nicest thing you can do for a friend is to simply be a friend.” I still feel this way 45 years later.
My phone rang last week, and I was asked by a previous client if I was able to purchase a very large coin collection, containing over 200 gold and platinum coins and thousands of silver coins. He asked if I could handle it? I immediately told him that I could handle any size collection without hesitation. So, we agreed to meet in my office this past Friday, after about 5 hours of counting, sorting and evaluating his collection I purchased it. I do not want to mention the dollar amount, Ill just say that I could have purchased a small house for the amount I spent!
I can purchase this and larger collections, as I am very well connected and know who to call for advice and who to sell coins to.
National Estate Jewelry Buyers was incorporated in 1999, eighteen years ago. Since opening we spent over 51.5 million dollars!
Things we buy Gold, Silver, Platinum, Coins, Platinum, Diamonds, precious gemstones, Jewelry, Antiques, artwork and some collectibles,
National Estate does business by the letter of the law
Remember when looking to sell anything valuable,
1 Always check online reviews
2 Ask your friends and associates for references
3 Avoid any business where they ask you how much you want!
4 Trust your gut feeling!
5 Check with the Better Business Bureau
6 All precious metal buyers in NJ must prominently post a sign with the days current gold price and the minimum price they pay Per Pennyweight
7 You must be given a detailed receipt (It’s the Law)
8 Sellers are required to provide a valid government issued Id

If you are not given a detailed receipt, the buyer is breaking the law!
June madness extended until the end of July
Sterling silver and costume jewelry at blow out prices,
Wholesale dealers welcome
Tuesdays are free evaluation days

And remember at National Estate we will never ask you how much you want and try to trap you into asking for a price that is below its market value
Its unethical for a professional to ask you how much you want!